Complete SEO Strategy Guide

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Assumptions made:

Let's begin.

Determine what keyword you want to rank for

*Zero buyer intent keywords may be used to place people in the start of your sales funnel. IE draw them in to a mailing list.

Use the tools listed on this page to find your first keyword. I suggest something with a KW Finder difficulty rating of < 30.

Research your competition and the SERP to determine what is required to rank

Study the list of factors and see what is common and the minimum across the competitors. You should aim to meet or exceed slightly all of these.

Pay attention to the pages ranking for your keyword. If they are not targeting the keyword exactly, but a related one, you should switch to that phrase as well.

Use the following competitor research tools on this page to analyze your competitors.

Create your content around the keyword

These content analysis and optimization tools will help speed up the process and provide more accurate results.

Optimize your page speed

Page speed is a significant ranking factor. If you have the most relevant content, Google may still demote your site if your pages take too long to load.

Users will also abandon your site if your site is unresponsive for too long. This can lead to a viscious feedback loop where Google demotes you further for having a bad user experience.

TTFB - Time to First Byte

The length of time it takes to find you nameservers, negotiate HTTPs, send the request and receive a response. Aim for 500 milliseconds or less.

Dom Interactive

The length of time it takes to process your HTML, stopping to run any render-blocking CSS or javascript. Aim for around 1.5 seconds at most.

There are multiple guides and tools listed here to help get your site speed up.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Your page should have a target action, something like clicking a link, adding something to a cart, or signing up to a list.

You need to increase the rate at which users perform the action. You do not want a user to bounce back to the search listings. This is a negative sign from Google and will demote your page for that keyword.

Common factors that can reduce conversion rates are:

These conversion rate optimization tools can assist you in getting users to complete the tasks you want.

Get Backlinks

If you have followed the guide above your page should be in the top 100 results or higher for your chosen keyword.

If it is not, please check the guide above again, see if you are missing anything on the site audit checklist, or determine if you have over-optimized for your keyword.

On page factors can only get your so far. In order to unseat the competition you will need to meet the following factors:

*External link juice can flow through other pages on your site to your target page, but it is not optimal and is often not relevant.

Use the outreach methods and backlink tools here to gain parity with your competition.

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