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Welcome to WP2F. A directory of the best SEO tools and techniques that I have found.

Yes, some of the links on this site may pay an affiliate commission, but that is secondary to the fact that I am using it with positive results.

A lot of SEO advice given on the internet is just a profit making scheme. There are people that push crap products, and the only reason is that the products offer a high commission.

Free Advice: If you ever see someone promoting Blue Host, run. The marketer knows all hosting by EIG is slow, bloated garbage, but who cares, they pay really well!!

Ready to get started? Start at the SEO plan page to get a high level overview on how to get your pages in the top 10 results of Google. Then navigate the top row of pages to find tools and/or advice on how to rank. The pages are in order of process.

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