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So what is this weird little site about?

WP2F is a directory of SEO tools and guides on how to rank a website. It is also an experiment of how to make a fast, but still usable website.

I make a lot of odd websites and tools. Some die in the planning stage, some I only test locally, and some actually make it into the wild. WP2F is one of those ideas. It is a place to collect my thoughts and document my SEO methods.

The WP2F site can help you by pointing your towards tools that work and giving you advice that I actually follow myself.

There are no upsells for courses, email lists with sales funnels, or any high-pressure selling. Just advice you can take or ignore. But, and this goes for any advice you get on the internet, not just from me: you must test the actions you take for SEO. Do not just follow something with blind faith.

Why does this site look plain?

WP2F is the opposite of today's bloated web. There are no autoplay videos, ad tracking codes, 50-million calls to every external javascript library, or unoptimized boring stock images.

I have recently started paying more attention to site speed for all of my websites and after looking at another poor report from webpagetest.org I decided to build a site by hand, with HTML only, no images and no external calls.

I have pared this site down to just HTML and a favicon. No javascript(contact page is the exception), no external CSS. Can it still do its job of presenting information to the public without turning them off? Time will tell.

Speaking of the contact page, if you do need to message me for something about the site please use this form.

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